How to delete cookies on your computer?

Cookies, what's the point? Cookies are files stored on your computer by the various websites you have visited. They are used to store multiple pieces of information, such as your login details, passwords, or browsing preferences. As a security measure, if you wish to protect your data on the Internet or remain anonymous by browsing, it may be advisable to delete them.

How to use Mappy?

With this easy-to-use site, build your routes in three clicks. You have planned a romantic getaway in the center of France? No more wasting time looking for the best drive on your map. Enter your departure and arrival address on the site for a detailed itinerary.

Cape penguins asked to move!

Visitors to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve never miss the stop at Boulders Beach, where local authorities have built walkways to closely observe the colonies of these harmless black and white webs. But this tourist attraction could well disappear.

And you, do you have the polyglot gene?

We finally know why some people speak English with an almost Oxfordian accent after a few lessons, when others struggle to pronounce correctly three-four words. It's the fault of the genes! Finally, in part. Researchers at the University of Washington in the state of the same name have revealed that one gene in particular, called "COMT", is involved in foreign language learning.

10 gourmet recipes to celebrate Christmas

D-15 days before Christmas Eve! The countdown begins. It's time to think about what we're going to do this year and learn from new ideas. Millefeuilles de saumon, Rossini doe tournedos, red fruit pavlova or milk jam log ... here are a dozen to put your party on the menu!